When submitting your formal review request, be sure to include subject “KBR Review Request”. I need to be emailed a mobi file for my Kindle. Submit your pre-published or new indie book for consideration in Foreword Reviews magazine, or get an objective, 450-word review and star rating by Clarion, Foreword’s fee-for-review service. We have one of the best review services on the market. Most reviews take 2-8 weeks to come in (from the time of distribution, not from the time of booking*) and our service is often booked a month in advance, with a waiting list beyond that.

I love noir novels and mysteries as well as literary fiction. I can send a copy by email. Now reading on my iPad and I’ve given my Kindle to my mother and now have her addicted to ebooks. I require the Kindle mobi format or a gifted copy. Mike knight publishing which deals with language learning books made poor employees work relentlessly without any pay. Whether they appear on the book’s jacket or on bookselling sites, reviews make a book seem more professional while giving potential buyers an idea of what it’s about (and whether or not they’ll like it).

But, I would love to hear back from someone else. I received a response from one woman who said she only reviews autographed hard cover books. Com and using Booker software and/or services means you accept these changes. We’ll ONLY accept a digital copy in exchange for a fair and honest review of your book. Please send Kindle format (mobi/pnc), not pdfs. I’m sure they’d be happy to have you on board especially as there are a few complaints about unresponsive reviewers and you seem really keen. Regency romance, fantasy fiction (especially Christian fantasy fiction. Submission information should include category, title, subtitle, author name and bio, publisher, page count, price, binding, ISBN, and publication date. Sam, You’ll just have to submit it to one of the reviewers that best reflect the genre and/or sub genres.

When contacting me include subject line “KBR Review Request” and send to harrylover110@live. The site’s turnaround—one month—is also shorter than that of most services. Although not the author, I wanted to help get this author (James Boulay) some reviews. At and put “KBR Review Request” in the subject line. For indie authors who have some room in their marketing budgets, paid book review services can be appealing. Regency romance, fantasy fiction (especially Christian fantasy fiction. She loves curling up in her Lazy Boy chair while losing herself in the plot of a good story. If you don’t hear back by them you may try another. Some of us indie publishers need books reviewed, but have not formatted the manuscripts for submission to Amazon.  I currently write reviews for Amazon. When submitting your formal request, include subject “KBR Review Request” and send to jewltone@gmail. I have a master’s degree in English from BYU and 20 years experience editing academic papers. Or would that not work either.

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Find book reviews, essays, best-seller lists and news from The New York Times Book Review. A brief suggestion: include the genre somewhere. BlueInk Review: BlueInk Review also offers three options for authors, all of them fairly pricey. His parents would find him under the staircase reading Calvin and Hobbes by flashlight. Book reviews and recommendations from the most trusted voice in book discovery. With the Review Duo services from iUniverse, you can have your book critiqued by well respected reviewers from The Pacific Book Review and The US Review of Books.

I’m British, by the way. Reviews are a critical element in generating buzz for your book. In psychology, and a B. Harington and I’ve written a young adult science fiction romance novel. Local reviews, recommendations, and deals from people like you.

And so you know, Prime members get those free monthly rentals because they paid for the service. Tom Clementson @TCAbn – Tom has been working for the military for the last 20 years but is on a clandestine mission for the Kindle Book Review to find the absolute best in indie publishing. I post reviews to Amazon. BlueInk Reviews are written by a professional book reviewer and are between 250-300 words in length and returned to you within 4-5 weeks. Thanks for providing this service, it’s invaluable. THink of it like this; they are doing the author a tremendous service.  If I am your girl, you may reach me at olivebridge. A book review is an excellent way to generate interest for your title. Is the list still active. And in this case, our reviewers already explain how to give them a copy in each bio none of which includes chasing after the authors book. You’ve researched “how to get a book reviewed” but you also want more than a capsule summary.

I enjoy Romance (contemporary, historical, time-slip), Spy/Adventure. I prefer to keep things at a PG-13 level–no sex, no heavy swears. I’m completely new to this game, but my novel is now live on amazon and I’m waiting for all those buyers. If you prefer not to write a review, you can still receive future offers. Read More   The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba – A New Life Begins. Nate Briggs – Graduate in English Lit of the Elizabethan Period, currently a corporate communicator.

Mobi file to your email request. Elizabeth accepts mobi, pdf, or epub formats. Doug is not accepting submissions at this time. I think we’ve made things about as easy and cost effective for any author willing to learn how to get a kindle version (mobi) of his/her book into the hands of our amazingly professional reviewers. James Fox – Author James Fox grew up in Hood River Oregon on the family farm. Several people bought a book “on the spot” after reading the review, and it is being posted at myriad blogs and other locations. And will “grade” on writing ability: character development, plot-line, world creation, editing errors, etc. Despondent, held now in low regard by his colleagues, he gets transferred to recuperate till his former mentor/head of that unit calls him home with a new assignment. Is there another way to become a reviewer. S&P/Dow Jones Indices (SM) from Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

If the reviewer accepts “Gifted” copies, I’m sure that’s fine, too. Unfortunately, many of our reviewers are currently on the judging panel for the contest, including those who would love to read your work. Try a reviewer that comes close. I understand they are offering to review books for free, which is very generous, but if the offer is not genuine or out of date, it just gets people’s hopes up for nothing. Weighing the specific benefits of each site will also help indie authors determine how much to pay. You’ve published a book, and now realize that it’s hard to get noticed in this overcrowded publishing space. I just stumbled onto this site and find it interesting. A formal request is a professional request for review including book information, link, brief synopsis, page count, genre, etc.

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Once I’ve worked out how to send you an official request (I’ve only just discovered this site and its opportunities to get reviewed about 5 minutes ago. Other methods of submission are fine. But since our reviewers do this for enjoyment, we give them freedom to accept reviews when it is most convienient for them, working around their family, and life schedules. I’m either home or in hospitals all day as I have cancer so I have a lot of time to read. You can submit a formal request at m. Please contact me at Alysiaur26@yahoo.

Com, a book review aggregator. (A Kindle book author can get a copy of his/her book file by going to its project and starting to update it. I wanted to join your reviewer team but I can’t get pasted the box for knowing this is not a paid position. I can give you some advice if you are willing to go that route. For a fee of 0, authors can receive a review of at least 300 words on a zero-to-five-star scale (positive reviews are not guaranteed). With its Trifecta Review Service, iUniverse offers a unique book marketing platform that gives you the choice of having three of the most respected reviewers in the industry—Kirkus Reviews, ForeWord Book Reviews, and Blueink Reviews—give you a professional and objective critique of your work. With more than 75 years of experience in serving the book and literary industry, Kirkus has established the benchmark for high quality, well-written books. A formal request is a professional request for review including book information, link, brief synopsis, page count, genre, etc–sent to the appropriate reviewer per the bios listed on this page.

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Once we have our hands on your book, our managing editor will carefully critique whether it meets our editorial standards. Like Clarion Reviews, BlueInk Reviews are also distributed to important licensees some of which include Ingram’s iPage and Oasis databases (used by over 70,000 booksellers and librarians), the iDream Books website, and more. Find and compare the best online sports betting sites with SBR. , as well as contact information. We live in Taylorsville, UT and I am LDS. When submitting please include “KBR Review Request” in the subject line and email to plappen@yahoo.

There are two great ways we can help you connect with readers. I post reviews to Amazon. 46 million net adds after factoring in a decline in DVD subscriptions. Autumn Turner – I am a chronic reader from Maine who enjoys dystopian fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction, alternate historical fiction, science fiction, urban fantasy, paranormal non-romance fiction, and historical fiction. Takeovers, analysts suggest, as the Brexit-battered pound gives prospective buyers a reason to act now. I’m also a huge sports fan. Otherwise scroll through our author services for other great sites to promote your books.

When submitting your formal request, include subject “KBR Review Request” and send to valjeanh@gmail. I’m a mother to Serena, Support Worker, English graduate and writer. I need to be emailed a mobi file for my Kindle. Stephanie Lasley– As an avid Contemporary Romance reader, Stephanie has devoured over a hundred popular trilogies and stand alone novels. Should they decide to have it published (at no extra charge), Kirkus will distribute it to partner sites including Google and BN. Of the hundred copies I send out for review I receive about 30-40 reviews, I chalk it up to the cost of doing business and it seems a small price in the scheme of things. I am sorry to post another question; I see you are very patient with so many people posting the same questions over and over. See our “Advertise” page for details and then contact Amber so how we can promote your book here and beyond.

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The site’s turnaround—one month—is also shorter than that of most services. Com and using Booker software and/or services means you accept these changes. The site also provides instructions for posting reviews on Amazon and BN. They are volunteers so if they get too bogged down, some stop checking their email–I think.  When she’s not reading, she enjoys watching really bad TV, spending time with her family, and attempting to write something of her own. I have an ipad with the Kindle App and I’m a registered Smashwords member.